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The story

This trip was a blast! MAU was part of its first trade show WWD MAGIC. The show was a great way for us to meet new clients and show them what we could do. We decided to do a free shoot in the desert and we wouldn’t let the blistering heat deter us. We packed up the van at 5am and headed to seven magic mountains to catch the sunrise. There we worked with two photographers Manoa Raine and Johnna Dominick. Manoa was the winner of our US MAU competition and we were so excited to have him join us. Johnna Dominick from Johnna Productions is our original American photographer and will head the US division in photographer talent acquisition.

While we were in the desert we shot a number of brands including Sports Couture, Jak + the NU Vintage, Chicsincity, Dynamic Asia, Dynamite Denim, Denim Couture, Leaders in leather… the list goes on. On our second day we rented out the Neon Sign Museum and had another photographer join us this time, Justin Cotterell. We only had one hour to shoot there so it was great to have an extra hand. At this point I want to mention that for two days we were joined by Jake Leve. He is an absolutely amazing and experienced photographer who has filmed for MTV! This is just the surface of the amazing talent MAU found in Vegas. We will Definitely be going back to Vegas for more shows in the future.

Customer Impression

A dry and desert scene perfect for summer collections. Fun and whimsical lights good for summer of spring

Perfect for

Activewear, couture, summer clothes, bikinis

Next time

May 2019


Sophia Krometis


Manoa Raine

Johnna Dominick


Jake Levesque

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Sports Couture
Jak + the NU Vintage
Di Domenico
Dynamic Asia
Dynamite Denim
Denim Couture
Leaders in leather

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Brand stores
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Applications are closing soon

We are taking applications for next years Vegas Tour NOW email us at mauproductionsllc@gmail.com 💌to ask about applying