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Authentic, classic, colonial style, Valladolid is a city to remember. The stone walls can tell stories of revolution, crime, and love for Mexico.  Colorful buildings line the cobblestone streets and the smell of street food fills the air.  The locals remember the first cars being brought to the city and still today you'll sees horses used as transportation. Villagers from the remote outskirts of Yucatan come here to sell their handmade crafts and food in central park.

Right across from the park are some things worth seeing. One being the largest church in the city Cathedral of San Gervasio. It’s gothic style is perfectly preserved and admired by everyone who walks past..In the opposite direction is Hotel El Meson del Marques. This hotel has an open atrium restaurant with the some of the best food in the city and certainly the best hospitality MAU has ever experienced.MAU will be back to visit the cities many Cenotes next year. This city is amazing. Its clean, authentic, and beautiful – this is the real Mexico….

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Colorful, Warm, Bright, Nostalgic, Classic, Historic

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Big Sun hats, Flowy Fabrics, Photoshoots, Fresh foods, Outdoor Dining

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