Ukraine Model Casting

The story

Its early November in Kiev Ukraine and the final leaves of spring are just beginning to fall. With our first fashion event just around the corner in february, it's the perfect time to find some last minute talent to join the MAU team in Punta Cana. Yulia, Head of Ukraine division, had put out an advertisement and in two weeks we had 25 models registered for our first Ukraine Model Casting. Megan Niemi our COO was on her first visit to Kiev and was there to help facilitate the casting. It seemed as though everything was ready to go and with less than 24 hours before the event our space cancels due to a double booking (we booked second). With swift, calm and direct action Yulia excellently recooporated and found us a studio space just on the outer side of the city. This was truly a remarkable management moment and the whole team was thoroughly impressed.  We were joined by a panel of MAU ladies including Victoria Koshur, Lila Kohut and Irinia Melieva. Our photographer was Valeria and we planned to interview the girls and ask them to take some test shots. At MAU we are all about being flexible, fast moving and adabltable and we wanted to use this casting to test these potential models ablity. After the ladies were interviewed we directed them to the photoshoot area. They had a time limit of five mintues, after 2 minitues of shooting so we asked them to stop and pick from a rack of merchandise from our sponsored brands, change and take more shots. We were thrilled to see the ladies quickly choose items, change and get right back in front of the camera.

At the event we had a panel of MAU ladies including Victoria Koshur, Lila Kohut, and Irina Melieva. Our photographer was Valeria and we planned to interview the ladies and take some test shots. At MAU you must be flexible, adatable, and be able to work under changing environments. We wanted to make sure that this casting would be used to test those skills. After a brief interview we sent the ladies to Valiera to take photos. Each model was given exactly 6 minutes. After two minutes of shooting we surprised the models with an outfit change. Some we just gave pieces to, others we asked to choose themselves. Some were happy about this, others were not. But to our joy we had some amazingly talented ladies there who rocked this challenge. Two models from the casting were selected to join us for free in Punta Cana for our Fashion Festival!

Applications are closing soon

We are taking applications for next Ukraine Model Casting NOW email us at 💌 to ask about applying