Tulum 2018

The story

This Mexican city has a lot to offer and while already a tourist town it still preserves Mexican streetscape and flair. The boutique hotels along the beach range from daily Cabana rentals to $5000 a night rooms which are frequented by famous actors and actresses. The MAU team enjoyed an afternoon on the beach sun tanning, lunch at a Shabby Chic cafe, and shopped into the early evening. Our last night in the Tulum we eat a huge Italian seafood meal right on the ocean.

Customer Impression

A unique water location with stunning natural beauty

Perfect for

Water sports, Active Wear, Nautical collections, Bikinis, Pj’s, Lingerie

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March 2019


Irina Millaeva
Katrin Tyshchenko
Darya Potapova
Liliya Kogut
Olesia Kavko
Alina Rasenchuk
Sophia Krometis



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