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We started off this trip checking out the latest looks of our Client, Jak+ The Nu Vintage, at the MAGIC tradeshow. We wanted to shoot these looks around the Jak+ The Nu Vintage booth as well as in a specific, cowgirl-chic locale as he has begun to channel edgey western wear. We sourced out local photographer and absolute gem, Rohn Starling for the very first time. He completely smashed the photoshoot around the convention center and had us wishing we would bring him on every MAU trip. With the this wild west chic feel in toe, we set out seeking a shoot location that would capture the awe of the desert, perhaps even being transported back to the times of the wild wild west. BAM! There we were. In the most wild wild west location we could have wished for : Nelson Ghost Town. You could’ve told me we were off set of the lastest Hollywood cowboys and indians film and I wouldn't have doubted it for a second. Luckily, we brought our favorite videographer and photographer, Jak Levesque to capture the magic of this magical place. Nelson Ghost town is a privately owned property dotted with old rundown barns, tattered reminisce of cars, trucks, busses, airplanes and the natural vegetation of the desert. As of recently it has been the set for photoshoots, weddings, commercial and 12 movies! We loved using this creative space to capture exactly the vibes we were looking for and would absolutely do it again.   Many of the men that created this area were deserters from the Civil War. This was one of the first major gold strike areas in Nevada. Many of the men that created this area were deserters from the Civil War. This was one of the first major gold strike areas in Nevada.
After that it was a much more relaxing trip. We traveled to Madrid and down to Rhonda where we spent a few days eating paella, visiting wineries and of course taking photos. Rhonda is famous for its views over the El Tajo gorge. The Puente Nuevo is a huge tri stone arched bridge that stands tall over the gorge. The bridge joins the old Moorish town and the newer, El Mercadillo parts of the city. It is, by far in a way, Ronda’s most famous landmark.

A special thanks to Peppi Gel who provided us with accomodation and were wonderful tour guides of Spain.

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