The story

One of the most beautiful colorful countries in the world. Fantastic weather with lots of sunshine and gorgeous homes. MAU traveled around Morocco for two weeks visiting Chefchaouen, Fez, Rabat, and Marrakech. The culture was traditionally muslim with the women dressing modestly and daily prayer being announced over the city. We traveled with our clients from Peppi Gel and had a blast. Dinner was served with minty Moroccan Tea and the days were filled with photoshoots and shopping.

Customer Impression

Bright sunshine and colorful houses and decor. A great place to shoot summer, winter or fall fashion

Perfect for

Activewear, Summer clothes (should be modest to respect the local culture), Fall fashion, dresses, shaws, accessories

Next time

September 2019


Megan Niemi
Johnna Dominick


Johnna Dominick


Jake Leve

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