Mille Miglia

The story

We timed our shoot in Italy to be around Millie Miglia a historical Italian automobile race now turned car show. The MAU girls had a blast. Every year in late May classic car people from all over the world unite for the annual race from Brescia to Rome and back. In the old days it was a one day affair with people risking all to win this prestigious road race.  Today it is an affair of ladies and gentlemen of style and means.    The cars are moving works of art exhibited at various rest stops in the Italian city and country scape. Mille happens as you never quite know what is next…. Our Nastia found herself at the wheel for a classic blue racer and Viktoria got a close look at an old Ferrari long distance racer to name a few.

Customer Impression

Venice leaves you speechless. There is no other place like it on earth. The beauty of the architecture, the colors, shabby chic to classic romance it’s all there

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Upscale clothing companies, designer bags and purses, Sportswear, Leather goods, accessories

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May 2019


Irina Millaeva
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Katrin Tyshchenko



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