Mayan Rainforest

The story

We were on our way to the ruins dressed in our safari gear when we stumbled upon a yard filled with classic Landrovers. We pulled over and asked to shoot some photo with the vintage cars. We soon made friends with the car owners and hired their daughter Isabelle on the spot to shoot with us for the day as a model.  At eighteen years old this local beauty and her whole family; who came along for the adventure, had a day they are sure to never forget.

We were fortunate that during our shoot as we had free reign at two ancient pyramids dating back to 600 AD. Mainly this exclusivity was due to us exploring Dzibanche and Kohunlich over Chichen Itza which is packed with tourists.

Built by the Mayans these impressive structures were occupied by the highest priests.  Standing on the top of Kohunlich you can see the entire rainforest. Here we were able to show of the fashions of DiDomenico as well as casual collections by Francesca’s, Loulou’s boutiques, and Mango to name a few.  

The second ruin Dzibanche, is also home to three families of Monkeys which we not only saw but heard the whole time we were shooting. Besides the moneys we were alone. It was peaceful.  When rain started to fall we stood under the massive trees where it was almost perfectly dry.  The only thing missing was the call of the Jaguar… but we were happy about this…

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Venice leaves you speechless. There is no other place like it on earth. The beauty of the architecture, the colors, shabby chic to classic romance it’s all there

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