The story

Iceland was absolutely incredible. With Miles of gorgeous toraine, tons of outdoor activities, breathtaking waterfalls, and enormous glaciers, it was hard not to fall in love.

On the shoot we featured Colors Dress, a US brand based out of New York. We also photographed clothing from Sports Couture, Blackbear outdoor apparel,Dynamic Asia, Jak + the Nu Vintage, Didomenico, and. Colors Dress was the perfect pop of color to contrast with these muted backgrounds. The trip whet on without any major hiccups but this wasn’t to say that the trip itself wasn’t a learning experience for the whole team. On our arrival we experienced torrential rain followed by five minutes of sunshine, five minutes of hail, 30 mile an hour wind gusts, and then back to rain. This type of weather occurred for the next 48 hours. It was truly an astonishing experience and the team learned how to predict the next hail storm.

Our models would run furiously back to the warmth of our car to avoid the hail and then quickly go back on set when it was done. We would definitely recommend traveling to Iceland in the summer months when the weather is more consistent. Along with the MAU crew came videographer Jake Levesque. We met Jake in Las Vegas while we were there for the WWD MAGIC trade show and invited him along for this shoot as well. He’s a fantastic addition to the team and brings years of videography knowledge and has experience shooting with MTV.

Customer Impression

Mute background, lush outdoor scenes, beaches, mountains

Perfect for

Activewear, couture, fall fashion, furs, hats, accessories, winter garments

Next time

April 2020


Lillia Kohut
Irinia Federova
Megan Niemi
Yuliia Vyhivska
Natalia Shamrai
Kendra Dominick
Kelsy Dominick


Johnna Dominick


Jake Levesque

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Sports Couture
Dynamic Asia
Peppi Gel
Colors Dress
Why Dress Appearl
8 Seconds
Modern Star
Blue Jeans
Di Domenico

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