The story

Kara and Megan took a little road trip down to Greenville South Carolina to visit GFW! They were joined by Rohn Starling all the way from Vegas. The gang set off to explore Greenville and eat some amazing local bbq. The next day was a small fairytale- like shoot in the quarry garden and then it was a quick costume change and off to the first runway event for Greenville Fashion Week. The Show started with an amazing performance with dancers and music. Each brand took the stage and showed 10 or so looks. The emcees were fabulous and brought so much enthusiasm to the show. We were able to connect with Maegan the founder of Greenville Fashion Week. One of the things that Maegan Heinz made sure of was that women from the community were recognized. They featured 10 “Wonder Women” who varied in age and work background. The final event we attended was the launch party on Wednesday. The theme was 24k Magic and they definitely did shine. As we entered we walked into a beautiful gallery of paintings and fashion pieces from local artists. Then we networked and mingled only to be surprised by a mid party runway show. The dance floor was like a sea; it parted and the Dillard’s top model  contestants strutted their stuff down the newly formed Runway. After that we danced the night away and our very own Rohn Starling kept the crowd on their toes for his ever famous backflip. We love Greenville Fashion week and will certainly be back next year! Check out our vlog post below!

Customer Impression

College Town, Country meets Urban, Endearing, Quaint, Artfilled

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Hikes, History, Museums, Wine Tastings, live Music

Next time

May 2019

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