First Conference 2019

The story

MAU Fashion Conference 2019: an event for the ages. Needless to say, this being our very first multi-day international event, we were nervous. We wanted to create an event that brought together all areas of the fashion industry in a way that encouraged networking and creativity but with the feelings of a lavish vacation. Photographers, Models, Brand Owners and designers all gathered in the tropical location of Bavaro, Punta Cana. We kicked off the first day of the event with an official meet and greet cocktail party at the local hot spot: Wacamole. The Coronas were cold as ice and the Patron as welcome as ever, as our guessed enjoyed live music, latin dance performances, and table side guacamole. Soon enough, the first night finished and the event was off to a great start.

The very next morning we began with our speakers from all parts of the industry. We enjoyed fresh local fruit, tea and coffee while gaining knowledge on everything from branding, skincare regimens, personal stories on how best to approach social media. After this conference, we split for lunch and an afternoon of creative content creation. With budding relationships between photographers, models and designers, we sent them off to do what they do best. They returned to our VIP dinner completely enamored with content and experiences they had the chance to capture during the day. Some chose to shoot on horse back at the beach while others ventured in to the mountain tops to capture the amazing views from the summit of the thick tropical canopy. We were thrilled, to say the least. We feasted over a seafood spread like i've never seen, courtesy of Santo Pez.

The next morning we were promptly back to discussing the ins and outs of the industry while the waves of the caribbean crashed on the not-so-distant beach front. We wanted to make the second and final day of talks a little different and thankfully, to the stroke of brilliance of Megan Niemi, we designed what would be one of the highlights of the event; The Fashion Runway Show. On a long wooden runway stretched across the white sand beaches, we had our models walk in the brands who were present at the event. By the time the final walk hit the runway, we had managed to attract an entire crowd of non industry onlookers; drawn by the creativity and wonderment that surrounds a MAU fashion show. Joyous excitement overflowed as the second day of conferencing came to an end.

“To the boat” exclaimed Oliver, The founder of MAU Productions. Just like that we were sailing the high seas of Punta Cana. Cocktails were in abundance as well as music and bikinis. We approached the natural pool, which would host our midday boat party pit stop. A conglomeration of locals and party goers ensued. There is no better way to take in the beaches than from just off the shore, chest deep in turquoise water. We took it all in until the sun went down where we  simply exited the boat and continued to the beach party for the night. Deep house Djs bumped the tunes as we all nibbled on barbequed meats in the sand. We danced the night away almost long enough to catch the dawn.

Assuming most everyone would be ready for a rest after the previous night, day four kicked off  around 2pm with a karaoke party. Catered snacks filled the bellies of our most talented and entertaining attendees. Considering people from all corners of the globe were in attendance, this Karaoke party was easily the most entertaining i’d been to. We sang our way into the night and transversed the resort property to find ourselves at yet another beachfront party. By the light of Floating, neon jellyfish, guests of the resort and MAU Conference goers came together one final time to celebrate four days of comradery, business, hard work and fashion and although the rain decided to join us, the music continued and so did we.

I would be lying if I wrote this piece and didn't mention the fact that there were moments of confusion, stress, miscommunications and otherwise. At the end of the day, as they say, ‘Pressure makes diamonds’ and if that is true, MAU Fashion Festival 2020 is about to be the biggest, purest diamond the world has seen. It was an event that did exactly what we were hoping: connecting the fashion industry best from all over the world, giving them a creative space to dive into and share their goals, and all while taking in the wonderment of Punta Cana. It's simply an event like no other.

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Super tropical, Relaxing, energetic, warm , sandy, turquoise

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beach parties, boat trips, rum based cocktails, latin dance, tostones, fresh foods

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