Classic Italy

The story

This year we concentrated on Sirmione at lake Garda, the area around Montepulciano as well as some urban scenes in the old city of Sienna. Italy is one of the cultural hubs of europe with its rich history, beautiful landscape, and amazing food.

Its particularly great for ancient plazas where are you surrounded by churches and castle from years before.  The charm of Lake Sirmione is not to be underestimated it almost gives an ocean feel to pictures.

Along the way we couldn't help ourselves but to EAT EAT EAT. Italy is famous for beautiful culinary delights be it fruits, antipasto, or a full dinner.  Italy is living life well.

Customer Impression

Spring in full bloom, historical castles, perfect dinner settings for formal or life style photos

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Bright end of Summer collection, Fall collections, Active Wear, Formal Wear, Accessories

Next time

October 2018 Two days will be spent on an organic farm with livestock and stunning landscapes. The small monastery and city center of Pienza,  The sleepy town of Verona with a Roman Amphitheater and the house of Juliet who Shakespeare brought to life.


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