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We took the opportunity to explore the area where MAU started, Charlottesville, VA. While Charlottesville is typically regarded as an historical,  town often cited for the University of Virginia, The home of Thomas Jefferson or as of recent and NCAA Champions (surely to go down in history) it's surprisingly bursting at the seams with budding artists, photographers and designers with a wide variety of aesthetics. Dreamin’ Diamonds is a local brand out of Cville not only known for its bright, edgy, streetwear but also its contributions to underprivileged children. Keeping the streetwear look in mind we headed straight to the downtown pedestrian mall. We spotted the colors of the news boxes just in front of a painted brick wall and Bua began to shoot. Bua is a Charlottesville local just barely 20 years old, but her work would fool you. Another Brand; Rubys Rubbish, joined the shoot, adding a whole new vibe: Country Chic. The super endearing and equally soft shirts and tshirt dresses came to life with phrases like “My husband is a superhero” Although none if the models are currently married, we found a ring and made it work.  Rylee Watson, latest addition to the MAU model team and another Charlottesville local added a whole new feel of young, bright energy to the shoot. She went from Country chic to urban streetwear at the drop of a hat and convinced me i could catch her in either vibe on any given day. What a natural. Charlottesville is such a gem. Sometimes exploring what's right in front you can lead you to connections you've never thought of before.

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College Town, Country meets Urban, Endearing, Quaint, Artfilled

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Hikes, History, Museums, Wine Tastings, live Music

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May 2019

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