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The Problem We Solve
With the industry's’ transition into an online concentrated marketing space it’s not only the retailers who are struggling but the wholesalers too. MAU provides wholesalers with photo and video content for use on websites and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, shopify, pinterest, ect.

With these photos, we help wholesalers create stronger brand recognition in the highly competitive fashion industry. The wholesalers distribute MAU photos to their retail clients which provide retailers with a complete marketing plan, normally unaffordable to them.

“We’re a small business’ best friend”- Megan Niemi COO


To provide simple, high-quality, and economical online content for growing brands and businesses while improving the lives of everyone we do business with.


To cut the costs of online marketing by bringing wholesalers together for joint production shoots and providing marketing tools that small businesses need for success.


MAU Productions is a company dominated by women, for women. MAU is about fun, adventure, and self development. As an international company with roots in Europe and the United States, we encourage cultural diversity and have united our experiences to build a content generating company like no other. We also strive to facilitate the education of our staff and clients. We never want to stop learning, growing or developing and hope to help our clients do the same.

What we do

We provide a constant stream of unique and vibrant media in bulk quantities for your online marketing needs. With this continuous stream of images, we ensure that you have new material for your social media site or web page throughout the entire season. Mau posts photos of your merchandise on popular social media platforms of your preference. By using appropriate hash tags and linking posts to your business’s website, we streamline the purchasing process for your customers. Our shoots are collaborative with other retailers and this gives your brand cross exposure to a broader customer base. Our content generation process is exotic because we travel the globe to find the most unique locations to shoot your clothes. With this type of media you can significantly increase your social media presents and sales.

Here’s what makes us really unique:

  • Travel to new exotic locations each month which showcase your brand versitily
  • Cut costs for all parties by shooting multiple clients at one shoot
  • Our group of models are constant and help your customers identify with a “character”

How MAU can help your business:

  • Broaden social media presence if one has not yet been established
  • Expand brand recognition through social media platforms
  • Increase merchandise purchases through your online platform
  • Produce customized photoshoots designed by you with a Mau Productions specialist

Our Models

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Meet the Team:

Megan Niemi


Currently based in Charlottesville, Virginia, Megan graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Business. Originally from Oakland, California, she spent much of her childhood overseas and loves to travel in her spare time. She brings an extensive sales background to the team.

Kara Bass

VP of Operations

Kara is a talented musician and world champion Latin ballroom dancer. She spent two years traveling in Asia singing and performing. She brings an extensive entrepreneurial background to the MAU team

Yuliia Vyhivska

VP of operations

Originally from Zhytomyr, Ukraine, Yulia is currently living in Kiev. She has a degree in Telecommunications and has significant work experience in the field. She loves being active and spending time outdoors in the mountains. She brings organizational design to the team through different creative processes.

Liliia Kohut

Creative Content Manager /

She studied the management of foreign economic activity and graduated from the university with a red master's degree. She currently promotes European company mau.europe on Instagram, lives in Kiev, plays volleyball, wakeboard and snowboard really wants to surf. She dreams of visiting North and South America and all European countries.

Kendra Dominick

Multimedia & Graphic Artist

Kendra, a DMV native, has a carries a deep creative background. Graduating in 2014 with a B.S. in Visual Arts from Miami International University of Art & Design. Kendra brings an extensive background in Design and Website Development, which brings the vision for our clients content to life throughout various platforms.

Kelsy Dominick

Director of Marketing

Current living in Haymarket VA outside of Washington Dc. She graduated from Virginia Technical Institute with two degrees in International Business and Apparel Resource Management. Successfully marketing her own fashion business she now runs the premise for social marketing strategy for MAU clientele

Victoria Koshur

Marketing Manager

Victoria is trained as a teacher in general education and music. Two years ago she left her profession to pursue her career in music and has since traveled and performed in many countries. Throughout her travels she has developed a keen ability to seek out spots only known to locals. She will head the location selection for MAU.

Katrin Tyshchenko

Production Manager

Katrin has a passion for the theater and performing. She loves setting up scenes on the stage or at photoshoots. Her other passion is to travel and explore the world. She will bring extensive knowledge to the MAU team and be the contact person for all videography inquiries.

Julia Davydova

Sales Development

After graduating from IULM university in Italy, she spent several years in China developing projects for the Middle East and European markets, which fueled her love for a multicultural work environment. She enjoys taking on challenging and exciting tasks that can help companies reach their goals and expand their business worldwide.

Nataliia Zhornytska

Creative Content Manager

I have spent years traveling the world working on cruise ships. While I really enjoyed the diversity I am happy to have settled down in my apartment in Kiev.  Working with MAU gives me the “best of both worlds” - some travel and my permanent home.  I enjoy the fashion show business. There is something magical in making an event appear and disappear in just days with all the electric glamour in between.

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